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Sirona Clinic Solutions is a leading manufacturer of robust, safe and future-proofed digital dental equipment and dental education systems, all backed by an extensive global network. We offer a complete solution to all your needs. As your project partner, we deliver a comprehensive product portfolio, expert consultation and planning, training and fully responsive aftercare. When you choose Sirona, you can trust us to understand your vision, respond to your individual needs and help you create the right kind of working and teaching environment well into the future.


Of course the guiding principal of our university 'Dental Excellence' also includes excellent state-of-the-art equipment. And exactly this principal is fulfilled in our collaboration with Sirona.

Honorary Consul Prof. h.c. Marga B. Wagner-Pischel, President and Founder of Danube Private University

457 projects

36 countries

60 years of experience


If you’re offering individual, group or classroom teaching, Sirona provides a range of options that enable students to learn safe, healthy ways of working right from the start. You tell us what you want to spend and we create a concept that offers real value for money while delivering everything you need. As your project partner, we’ll make sure deadlines and budgets are adhered to. We’ll also manage suppliers of individual workstation components and specialist providers to guarantee quality and consistency. When it comes to a comprehensive, cost-effective solution that's state-of-the-art and provides a solid foundation for future development, Sirona delivers.

Sirona at the ADEE Annual Conference

Sirona is happy to attend this year’s ADEE (Association for Dental Education in Europe) Annual Conference in Barcelona, Spain. The theme will be ‘Science and the competent dentist: an inter-professional perspective‘. Join us to stay up to date and discover what ’PrepCheck’ is about, which is also a part of the ADEE 2016 Poster Presentation Stream on 25th August.

More information about the ADEE


prepCheck is a computer-aided training system that supports professors evaluating students' preperations, helping them improve their skills.

Simulation Units

In pre-clinical education it's essential to create a learning environment that simulates real treatment conditions as accurately as possible. Our simulation units do this.


VIONEX is the high-performance clinic management software from Sirona. It was specially developed for the administration of a large number of treatment centers and supports the workflows in dental clinics.